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    I am trying to translate pages of my site with WPML, following the steps at the aside documentation but I am having trouble with the pagebuilder content.

    I dublicate the page to translate it, and then go inside each pagebuilder module translating the text and then save and publish the page. Well the problem is that the text I change inside a module of the pagebuilder, either on the original page or the translation one, it changes both of them, so I have the same language inside pagebuilder at both pages (original and translated). I hope I have explained correctly.

    It seems to be a pagebuilder problem, because the name and the slug are working fine. They are set independently on each page (original and translated).

    Hope you could help with this. You can ask for my site url and loggin details if you need them.

    Thanks in advance.




    Hi James,

    When you translate the non-default language page(the duplicated page), please don’t use origin module, please duplicate the module(or add new same one), remove the origin module, translate the content of duplicated module(or new one).

    Please refer video guide

    Best, Bwsm

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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