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    Hi there,

    My homepage uses the tab slider.

    1. You indicated a couple of months back that you might be updating Arnold to allow a choice of focus area for slider images on small (mobile) screens. Is this possible yet, and if not, when in the future?

    2. Is there a way to have each slider image in fact be a set of images, which slide like a carousel (so the tabs activate different carousels)?

    Thanks so much,





    1. Yes, we have updated the Image X/Y Coordinate for Portrait View options, you will find it in single “Link” format and “Gallery” format post. The default value is 50%, it means the image is centered in the container. If the image focus on left, you can change Image X as 0%

    2. I don’t understand this question, please give more tips.

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    2. So currently on hover or click on the tabs, the featured image from a post is called up. Would it be possible, for each tab, for there to be more than one image, that slide across.

    Another question:

    3. Is there any way of placing a small caption bottom left? Can you advise on code to make this possible?




    Thanks for the great ideas. For the 2, it is really not easy, we don’t have plan to add the feature for now.

    For 3, we will consider add post excerpt option on slider in future. I can’t give timetable for now

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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