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    It needs to be made MUCH clearer that clicking this big blue button in the BLOGARY settings “Import Demo Data” erases all of the settings, including the Custom CSS field. I’ve spend weeks adding various pieces of custom css here, and now I have lost everything.

    I have backups of all my data and I can see that the CSS entered in this field would have been in themes/blogary/styles/theme-style.php but in this the custom styles (that I entered in the BLOGARY settings on the WordPress dashboard) are pulled in by the following function:

    $ux_custom_css = ux_get_option(‘theme_option_custom_css’);
    echo $ux_custom_css;

    Where exactly can I find the file in my FTP that contains the CSS I entered before? Then I can restore the backup from before I wiped it all out using “Import Demo Data”.

    Thank you




    Sorry for hear this…
    The php file (theme-style.php) is not for saving data. The data is saved in mysql. You could not find the the custom css in theme-style.php. Although you can see the custom css code in the frontend, It is a dynamic output from the database(not saved in theme-style.php)

    Did you use save data(Export current data) in theme option? You could use the exported xml file to restore data.

    Best Bwsm

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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