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    Hello, Thanks for the great theme, I enjoy it. Now I have a question:
    Is it possible, if I use the template: Standard Galary, that the video also receives an cover picture and is played in the Light Box?
    If I build myself a site with the PageBuilder, that in the end the “Prev”, “Next” and “Load more” button is displayed?

    Thank you




    Please set “Open lightbox” for “What Thumbnail Does” for portfolio page template; enable the “Show Video” for single gallery posts and enter embed codes(Youtube or Vimoe). The video will be shown in the lightbox.

    I don’t understand the 2nd question. Do you mean to create the “Prev”, “Next”, and “Load more” by Pagebuilder?

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    Hello, thanks for your quick response and for my bad english. I use this home site as my home page Starting Page When I select a project on my Home Site I have chosen Thumbnail for “open the project” for Example>
    http://itsallaboutsports.de/maike-schirmer/ and here I would like to open the film in a Lightbox … is that possible?

    And the second question was: I built a site with the Page Images here http://itsallaboutsports.de/natalie-zimmermann/
    because I could insert the film as I wanted in, but then missing the buttons Prvios / Next and More. How can I get that? Then I would not need Question 1 🙂

    Thanks and Greetings



    Hi, welcome!

    1. It is not possible to open part of thumbs within the lightbox.

    Enable Post Navigation on content page : Theme Options > Layout > Page/Post > Show Post (Previous/Next) Navigation On Project Item Page(Gallery Post)

    Select a category for More Project Button On The Bottom of Gallery Post – Theme Options > Layout > Page/Post > Category for More Project Button On The Bottom of Gallery Post


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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