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    I just bought ART theme, looks great ! I would have a bunch of questions :

    1. Is it possible to have a header with white solid background (that would stay above the hero image in portfolio item?

    2. In portfolio items, how can I increase the spacing between the last content on the page and the prev/next nav-icons ?

    3. Problem with captions & 2 columns galleries:
    In a portfolio item, with std gallery template, when the 2 columns layout is selected in the Gallery Layout Builder, an image with text as caption shows as follow : the image is reduced as for 2 columns but the caption is displayed in 1col. fullwidth. So Overall, captions are preventing images to be displayed in 2 col.
    Is there a way to have capions area “following” the image size in this configuration?

    4. Would it be possible to show the portfolio icon also in footer (between prev & next icons?)

    5. Is it possible to adjust the Lightbox background size for mobile so it can cover the entire screen of an iphoneX in landscape mode? (As of now, when an image is opened in the Lightbox, an iPhoneX screen shows 2 white stripes at each side (landscape mode).

    Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.



    Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

    Please paste the custom css code to “Appearance > Customize : Additional CSS”
    like white color

    .single-portfolio-fullwidth.non_bg_header #header {
        background: #fff!important;

    If set withe background color, please set “Brightness of Cover Image” as light

    2. I need know what template, please leave the page URL

    3. I don’t find the issue, please leave the issued page URL

    4. Not possible

    5. We will check it late, thanks for reporting.



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    Please paste the custom css code to “Appearance > Customize : Additional CSS”
    .single-ux-portfolio .blog-unit-gallery-wrap ~ .post-navi-single { margin-top: 20px; }

    It is a bug. Will fix in next update. The quick fixing way:
    download to replace the 2 files:

    but is there a way to adjust the space between lines that remains larger that I wish?

    Please give more tips what “the space between lines” is? line-height?

    Please find
    line 52, update as:
    <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, viewport-fit=cover”>




    Hi! Thanks a lot for your prompt answers.

    Points 1,2,3, 5 : fixes work great, thanks !

    For “spacing between the lines”, I am speaking about reducing the white space between two captions lines (it should be “line height” as you are mentioning but I’m just not sure about the English word for it). I reduced the captions font size with BM font management, so letters are smaller than normal, but this does not affect vertical spacing when the font is smaller: it still shows a large white space as if if did not reduced font size.

    One thing about the prev/next icons that I have just seen : when a portfolio item page is seen from mobile in portrait mode : the navicons are shown half way out of the screen. on iPhone X I see only “EV” from prev and “NE” form next (only in portrait mode).

    More quick questions, about BM slider & BM page builder:
    1. I would like to create a hero slider in a page (future homepage), using images from media library. How can I do that with BM slider? (does it would work only with posts and posts categories, as I read in the documentation?)

    2. Is it possible, with BM page builder to create and insert automatic lists in a page ? Such as latest projects (portfolio entries), latest blog posts, … presented in a grid

    In ideal, I would create my homepage with the following structure :
    Slider hero with 6 to 8 single images
    Portfolio section : a grid with projects
    Blog activity section : a grid with latest posts
    Instagram feed (will try to find an external plug in for that

    Thank you so much




    For “spacing between the lines”,

    Please paste the custom css code to “Appearance > Customize : Additional CSS”
    You can change the value.

    .list-layout-inside-caption { 
        line-height: 30px;

    The BM Slider supports to show post from category. Please use link format post: https://www.uiueux.com/documentation/art/index.html#bmslider

    It is possible to show “Ports” and “Single Portfolio” by “Grid” module.



    Thanks again for your quick feedback.

    About the BM slider, I am not sure I understand it right. I would like to create sliders from portfolio items or single images from media library.
    Your documentation doesn’t give much more infos about it.

    I do not see any place for link post format option (in BM slider extension and in BM builder).
    In BM slider panel I have: slider type> “post slider” as only option, slider height, autoplay, categories from Posts section (nothing about portfolios or media gallery categories.) , order, number to show, Show categories, show post title.

    I can’t see anywhere a place to enter a link, neither a place to select categories / images from. The BM slider shows only categories from Posts section, my sources would be from portfolio categories or media categories.
    Please advise.

    Another question that came up is how to control projects ‘s order of appearance in the portfolio icon page?

    thanks again for everything.



    About the BM slider, I am not sure I understand it right. I would like to create sliders from portfolio items or single images from media library.

    The BM slider isn’t supported from media library.
    It supports from link format post(by category).

    Please go to Posts, add new post, set it as Link Format Post.

    You could set slide URL within the link format post, it will be the slide item URL, the post title is slide item title.

    Set the featured image for link format post, it will the slide item image.

    Another question that came up is how to control projects ‘s order of appearance in the portfolio icon page?

    There is not option, it is by publish time. You can edit each post publish time




    Hi !
    Ok. Following your advice, I used the link post format (this is not very handy. Considering opening BM slider to media library and portfolio items could be a nice update for a future version. Seen from Themeforest page, it’s not obvious that BM slider have such restrictions).

    Anyway, I would have a little additional question on this topic. I created the slider in BM with link post format to use in a page (Fullwidth slider template in BM page builder). I would like to have post titles to show up on images. I found the option “show post title” but I could not find how to customize title text (font, size, color / only for this slider, I do not want to have an effect on the whole site. For now, post title is showing in black on the slider, even if I choose “dark” in “Brightness of featured image” on the post set-up wp page (I have dark images, so it cannot be seen properly on the slider).

    How can I do that?

    Thanks again for your time




    Yes, we will consider to upgrade the slider.

    It is a bug for light/dark, will fix it next update.
    The quick fix:
    find line 241 of /js/custom.theme.js
    if($('.top-slider').length && $('.page_from_top').length) {
    update as:
    if($('.top-slider').length) {

    The title font family comes from (Fonts Management / Fonts Assignment) “Title”, the category font family from “Content”
    Please use css to set font style, color by CSS:

    .top-slider  .carousel-des-wrap-tit  {
    font-zie: 20px;
    .top-slider .carousel-des a.article-cate-a  {
    font-zie: 16px;
    .top-slider .carousel-des a,
    .top-slider .article-cate-a:after  {
    .light-logo .top-slider .carousel-des a ,
    .light-logo .top-slider .article-cate-a:after  {

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