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    I’ve been trying to create gallery pages as featured in your online demo;
    So far, the gallery pages do not feature all the thumbnails it contains (as on the online demo) but just one picture, most of the time gallery posts do not work at all (most of the time I get only a white square which doesn’t react to mouse overs).
    When it does work I get a post excerpt which looks like a regular post : one thumbnail, text excerpt, “read more” button, that’s it.
    I’ve been going through your “Flowfolio_Documentation.pdf” and did the “create a gallery post” procedures many times and it just doesn’t work.
    I’ve been through your WordPress Flowfolio forum, tried every entry, created static and list pages, created categories…tried everything in WP…nothing helps.
    Please check the images attached with this post to have a better understanding of what I mean…
    Can you please detail every step in order to get exactly what their is in your online demo?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. So far I’ve bought your product,but it fails to do anything featured in the demo, so I’m pretty frustrated.
    Thank you in advance to look into my problem and help me find a solution. Again, please check the images attached if my problem isn’t very clear.

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    Hello again, it seems every time I post a question on this forum I find the solution by myself 20 mins later…
    I managed to create a gallery post that fits my needs however I’m not quite sure what I did this time around to have it working.
    I still have a problem though : the post only displays two thumbnails however the post contains 5+ images…I’m trying to have it display all images contained in the post in thumbnail versions.
    I’ll keep trying out different things but in the meantime, any ideas are, as usual, gladly welcome.




    you could edit the gallery post, upload the images from your computer (In other words, the images of gallery post must be uploaded to this post). For gallery post, you need not insert the images to post content. as the screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibrdutfkkwn592f/QQ20140916-1.jpg?dl=0

    If it doesn’t work still, please leave your wp-admin/user/pass here by “Set as private reply”. I’ll login to check




    thanks for the quick reply, I’ll try this out and keep you updated as soon as I can.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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