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    The UberMenu is a popular mega menu wp plugin, if you use it. It will be work compatibly with Bee theme in next version. There is a step by step solution now:

    Basic work:

    1. find the file(functions/theme/theme-option.php ) in your theme folder:
    Find the code:
    <nav id="navi">
    Change as:
    <nav class="maga-menu" style=" float:left">

    2. Find js/custom.core.js
    Find the code:
    var menu = header.find('#navi ul.menu'),
    Change as:
    var menu = header.find('ul#megaUber'),

    Find the code:
    the set_height = function() {
    add the code below it:


    it should be: http://d.pr/i/KzrU

    Styling/css work:

    For the default skin(black and white) of Uber menu plugin, you could overrider some style by:

    1. add the code to last line of style.css:
    /*Override ubermenu*/
    #mega-uber{ float:left; margin-left:0; }
    #megaMenu .wpmega-link-title{ line-height:40px; }
    #megaMenu .sub-menu .wpmega-link-title{ line-height:1.4em; }
    #megaMenu.megaMenuHorizontal ul.megaMenu > li.menu-item > a,
    #megaMenu.megaMenuHorizontal ul.megaMenu > li.menu-item > span.um-anchoremulator{ border-left:none;}
    #megaMenu ul.megaMenu > li.menu-item > a,
    #megaMenu ul.megaMenu > li.menu-item > span.um-anchoremulator, .megaMenuToggle{ padding:0 15px; }
    #megaMenu ul.megaMenu > li.menu-item.ss-nav-menu-mega > ul.sub-menu-1,
    #megaMenu ul.megaMenu li.menu-item.ss-nav-menu-reg ul.sub-menu{box-shadow:none;}

    2. Download the zip file and replace functions\theme\theme-style.php

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