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    I’m having trouble getting the top BM slider to align the image correctly. My picture is a large high density image to support retina display screens.

    1. I don’t need the “Bg Parallax” effect, but with it disabled, the picture is not resized nor can I select where in the picture to focus, so only the top of the picture is shown. On mobile it’s focus is even worse.
    2. With the parallax effect enabled the picture is resized, but not to the correct dimentions, so I get a grey background even though the image is more than large enough to cover the area.
    3. There’s also a 1px line at the bottom. See attachment

    How do I fix these two problems?




    I think you removed the parallax by the custom.theme.js file, did you? Please recover the custom.theme.js. There is a better way to forbid parallax in BM slider. There parallax function would zoom in the background image.

    1./ 2. If you don’t want to use parallax, please follow:
    download the file, unzip it
    – login FTP, go to wp-content ▸ themes ▸ theone ▸ functions ▸ theme ▸ plugins
    – upload / replace ux-bmslider.php

    Please login wp-admin, go to Theone / General Settings / Custom Css
    Paste the css to Custom Css:
    body.page.has-ramp-separator #wrap{margin-top: -1px;}



    Thank you!
    How can I have the picture start from the center instead of the left. See images: http://imgur.com/qyeluWt
    See how on smaller screens the less important left side of the picture is used instead of the center



    Please download and unzip the file, replace the ux-bmslider.php again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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