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    Dear team @uiueux!

    Thank you for your quick supprt 🙂

    I have a question: Is it possible, that I put some (formatted) Text in a Lyer above my Start-Image? http://www.meta.at/portfolio/

    I would like to put Text on the photo of the boy.

    Can you help me? Is it possible?

    Thank you very much.





    It is a gallery template, it is not possible to add text above the cover image.

    I suggest you create this page by BM Pagebuilder. It is more flexible.

    Create the fullwidth hero image(photo of the boy) following:

    1. Please click “Switch to Page Builder” to activate BM PageBuilder.

    2. Click ”+ Wrap”, select “FullWidth Wrap”, click “Settings” on this fullwidth wrap, set “Type

    ” as “Standard(Background Image)”, upload the image, activate “Fit Content to Fullwidth”, “Height auto” as “Browser Height”, save it.

    You could add a Text block module above or below this fullwidth wrap.



    Thank you very much. But could it be, that this is for WP-Users? I have the HTML-version und I do not get it. Or do I have some misunderstanding? What would I have to do in HTML?

    Thanks a lot,



    Hi, sorry.

    Please add the formatted text above the code wrap: <div class="post-cover ux-lazyload-wrap fullscreen-wrap">

    Remove className page_from_top from body tag.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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