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    1/ shortcode editor : I don’t see Icon in visual editor but text “Insert shortcode” instead of image “green cross”…

    May be there is some conflict here, cause I can’t align images and text properly, when I insert an image and want to put the text align right with image, side by side, text begin in bottom of image instead of align with top image.

    and it’s an horror with<P> and <BR> for getting well paragraphs.

    2/ What plugin Newsletter can I utilise ? I tried SUBSCRIBE2, but Icon of plugin on “WP visual editor” appears just on the middle of your “text shortcode editor”, so there is clearly a conflict.

    It’s clear that near almost plugins with js make conflicts with ajax Theme… not only yours !

    I utilise TinyMce Editor. Is it right ?
    You said in documentation that you provide but some I don’t see TinyMce Editor functions like “bullets” etc…

    3/ when I utilise “bulleted list” in “toogle content”. When I try, Toogle can’t close. Is it normal ?

    4/ What SEO plugin do you recommand ? Is it really necessary ?

    5/ how add Google Font ? I looked in FlowFolio comments but I don’t see any “html file” for adding Google link.

    6/ can you take a look at my menu, for me, margin bottom is too small, while copyright is “height centered” in bottom bar.

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    1/a line26 in functions/shortcodeui/plugin.js, change as: image: “../wp-content/themes/travel/functions/shortcodeui/images/icon.png”,
    I added some code in theme option / custom css, fixed

    2/ I did not test the plugin, could you paste the link? There should be not conflict in wp-admin/backend page
    I installed Mail Subscribe List http://www.webfwd.co.uk/, it looks fine in backend, but I dont know how to put it into front end page

    3/ I am not clear? Could you paste the demo page with “bulleted list” ?

    4/ WP plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast

    5/ It is different whit flowfolio, you need to select ‘google font’ and enter the google font name to the box http://d.pr/i/JZAK
    get the google font name in site: http://www.google.com/fonts/

    6/ Sure, fixed. I added some code in theme option / custom css

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    1/ I have nothing in line26. in line25, I have :

    tb_show(“Insert Shortcode”, url + “/popup.php?popup=” + popup + “&width=” + 800);

    must I replace this line ?

    2/ about subscribe2, there is many functions js, and I prefered utilise mailchimp, I found a way to put html code in page “abonnement”, so no js script, no problem.

    here is the link : http://wordpress.org/plugins/subscribe2/

    Mail subscribe list need sidebar, I think, and there is no doubl-opt-in function, so I prefered Mailchimp.

    3/ http://chantalhubert.net/toogle-with-bullet-list/

    4/ OK pour SEO, I try…

    5/ Ok, so easy, I thought about it, but don’t try…

    6/ Thanks, it’s nice !!!!!

    You’re really wonderful.




    1/ I attached the file, plz download and replace functions/shortcodeui/plugin.js by ftp


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    2/ I made some test, the form could be added under the logo like the link http://ximudesign.com/travel/
    It need to change template. Don’t insert shortcode [subscribe2] into page/post, it does not work.

    3/ very sorry, the “bulleted list” can not used in the toggle, could you try to like: http://chantalhubert.net/toogle-with-bullet-list/



    1/ Thanks !

    2/ don’t worry, like I said, I utilise html code in static page for Mailchimp, so no plugin, no problem…

    3/ Ok for Toogle and bullet, i’ll do this way if I need.

    Thanks again for your kindness and your expertise !


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