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    Hi, I’d like to shut off all the animations. Is there a place to do this within the air theme?

    Thank you.



    Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Layout: Disable “Page Loader”
    Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Layout: Disable “Image Lazy”
    Go to Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings : Custom Css, enter css:

    .container-masonry .grid-item-inside {
        opacity: 1;
        -webkit-transform: translateY(0);
        -moz-transform: translateY(0);
        transform: translateY(0);
    .pagenums .tw-style-a { 
     opacity: 1!important; transform: translateY(0px)!important;
    .blog-unit-meta-bottom .arrow-item {
        opacity: 1!important;
        display: inline-block;
        transform: translateX(0px)!important;
    .no-touchevents body.header-sticky:not(.ux-bordered) #header,
    .ux-mobile #wrap-outer,
    .ux-mobile #header,
    body:not(.ux-mobile) .logo-wrap,
    body:not(.ux-mobile) #header-main > .container-fluid, 
    body:not(.ux-mobile) #header-main > .container, 
    body:not(.ux-mobile) #logo,
    body:not(.ux-mobile) .logo-a,
    .post-meta-social-li .share,
    .tagcloud a,
    #sidebar .social_active i, 
    .pagenums a, 
    .post-carousel-pagination a,
    .tp-bullets.simplebullets.round .bullet,
    .flex-slider-wrap .flex-control-paging li a,
    .carousel-indicators li, 
    .blog-unit-meta a,
    .share .icon,
    .sidebar_widget a,
    .mainlist-meta .social-bar:hover .post_social,
    .no-touchevents .owl-prev,.no-touchevents .owl-next,
    #woocomerce-cart-side .fa,
    .filters .filters-a:after,
    .filter-sticky .filters,
    .container-masonry .grid-item-inside, 
    .woocommerce .button
    -webkit-transition: all 0s;
    -moz-transition: all 0s;
    transition: all 0s; 
    #back-top,#back-top.backtop-shown,#back-top:before, #back-top:after,
    .img-zoom-in .lazy-loaded,
    #navi li.menu-item > a:before,
    .footer-menu a:before,
    #navi_wrap a:before,
    .pagenums .tw-style-a:after,
    .nav-tabs > li > a:after,
    -webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 0s;
    -moz-transition: -moz-transform 0s;
    transition: transform 0s;
    .head-meta-icon, #sidebar .post_social a,
    button, input[type="submit"],
    .ux-bag {
    -webkit-transition: background-color 0s;
    -moz-transition: background-color 0s;
    transition: background-color 0s; 
    .with-video-cover .title-wrap-con,
    .fullwrap-block .twitter-mod:before,
    .single-portfolio-fullwidth-slider .size-all,
    .top-slider .owl-dot {
    -webkit-transition: opacity 0s;
    -moz-transition: opacity 0s;
    transition: opacity 0s;
    .portfolio-standatd-tags a[rel="tag"],
    #navi a,
    #navi-wrap-mobile a,
    .blog-item-main h2 a,.blog_meta a,
    .article-cate-a,.gallery-info-property-item>a,.article-tag-label a[rel="tag"],.author-tit-a, .comment-author-a,.comment-meta .reply,.comment-form .logged a,.gird-blog-tit-a,.grid-meta-a {
    -webkit-transition: color 0s;
    -moz-transition: color 0s;
    transition: color 0s; 
    #navi ul li ul.sub-menu, 
    #navi ul li ul.sub-menu li,
    .search_top_form {
    -webkit-transition: opacity 0ms ease-in-out;
    -moz-transition: opacity 0ms ease-in-out;
    transition: opacity 0ms ease-in-out; 


    Thank you. That worked!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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