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    Hi there

    I am having a lot of problems with bugs and errors with theone theme on my site.

    1. For example when I make a new post and I load one of your page templates, when I press save draft and preview, most of the content doesn’t actually load on the visible site. How do I fix this?

    2. Another error I’m having is using the gallery mode within a post. All the images I have loaded are larger than the minimum recommended size (800 x 800px), and i’m setting the image size to large, however they are still showing up as small (3 to a row). For example if I only want two images showing on one line, the two images are not filling the whole space – there is a gap remaining for a third image. The demo (http://ximudesign.com/theone/2014/07/28/vertical-fullwidth/) shows this can be achieved with gallery however I can’t seem to make it work. How do you get the same effect that you have in the demo?

    3. Spaces between rows of gallery images are uneven. When I set up several rows of gallery images, I set each line to the no margin setting under advanced options (because there is no option for having a 5px gap which is what I actually want). I do the same settings for every line of gallery images however some of the lines have no gap between the photos below whereas some do. Some have a larger (5px) gap whereas the gap on others is smaller (2px). It looks messy. How to I set the gap between two rows of gallery images to a standard 2px or 5px size?

    4. How do I load a slider of single images (not the feature images of other posts)? I want to add a slider of photos in one of my blog posts (just like this one: http://ximudesign.com/theone/2014/07/06/slider-on-right-2/) but when I use the slider module there is no option to load photos. It seems like you can only use slider to show case the feature images of other posts, not singular photos within a post?

    I’ve spent a lot of hours trying to figure out how to fix these issues. Really grateful if you can help.




    Hi Rachel,

    1. I am not very clear this question, better paste your link.

    2. The demo (http://ximudesign.com/theone/2014/07/28/vertical-fullwidth/) is a portfolio format post, Use Portfolio Template, set vertical list for Image List Style (as screenshot)

    3. which module did you mention? there is the Spacing Between Images select(0px 2px 5px…) in Gallery module

    4.The demo (http://ximudesign.com/theone/2014/07/06/slider-on-right-2/)is a portfolio format post, Use Portfolio Template, set Slider for Image List Style (as screenshot)

    By the way, if the Portfolio template is actived, the pagebuilde mould would not shown in this post.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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