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    v1.4.1 11/21/2019
    [add] Menu corner for header layout
    – /functions/theme/options/config/header.php
    – /functions/interface/interface-functions.php

    [add] Show Readmore, Social, Item Summary for Blog list(archive)
    – /functions/theme/options/config/blog-list.php
    – /styles/archive.css
    – /template/archive/loop-item-video.php

    [fix] Default menu color
    – /functions/interface/interface-style.php
    – /styles/style.css

    v1.4.0 11/8/2019
    [update] The Masonry Grid columns 12 to 24
    (Notice: the existed masonry grid need to be opened to save again)
    [add] Menu algin to right option on the menu panel
    [add] Footer widget optoin in the Footer Elements
    [add] Blog list(archive) fullwidth and columns options
    – /functions/interface/interface-style.php
    – /functions/theme/options/config/blog-list.php
    – /functions/theme/options/config/header.php
    – /index.php
    – /styles/archive.css
    – /styles/style.css
    – /template/archive/loop-item-audio.php
    – /template/archive/loop-item-link.php
    – /template/archive/loop-item-quote.php
    – /template/archive/loop-item-standard.php
    – /template/archive/loop-item-video.php
    – /template/archive/loop.php
    – /template/global/menu-hidden-panel.php

    [update] Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8
    – /woocommerce/cart/cart.php
    – /woocommerce/single-product/tabs/tabs.php

    [add] Video thumbnail on Grid / Masonry Grid
    – /functions/plugins/bm-builder.zip(Please re-install BM Content builder plugin)
    How to update SEA theme and plugin?

    v1.3.3 10/7/2019
    [improve] The arrow option and height option in Slider module of BM Content Builder
    Notice: Please check the “Arrow Go with Cursor” option(check more)
    [fix] “Auto Goto Top When Scroll In” option in Group Module
    – /functions/plugins/bm-builder.zip

    [fix] Submit button in comment form
    [improve] the_content() issue for Elementor plugin
    [improve] The entered excerpt will be shown on archive page

    v1.3.2 9/30/2019
    [fix] “Gallery Layout Builder” option is lost sometime
    (Gallery on left/right layout of Portfolio)
    – /functions/theme/js/theme.js

    v1.3.1 9/26/2019
    [fix] Scrollbar position when menu icon closed
    [update] Photoswipe(lightbox) js plugin
    – /functions/class/class-admin.php
    – /functions/interface/interface-style.php
    – /js/custom.theme.js
    – /js/photoswipe-ui-default.min.js
    – /js/photoswipe.min.js
    – /style.css
    – /styles/style.css

    [add] Logo color option in Group: Univer color

    v1.3.0 9/16/2019
    [add] SEA Theme tab, About sub-tab, Help sub-tab
    Move the theme options into SEA Theme tab
    – Move Import Demo into SEA Theme tab
    [add] Logo options for mobile
    [add] 4 preset templates: About 2, Contact, Services, Service 2, Event
    – /styles/style.css
    – /functions/interface/interface-functions.php
    – /functions/interface/interface-style.php
    – /functions/theme/options/config/general.php
    – /placehold/
    – /functions/plugins/bm-builder.zip

    v1.2.1 9/3/2019
    [fix] Post navi style issue
    [fix] Header sticky

    v1.2.0 8/26/2019
    [add] GDPR ready: Cookie bar, contact form, comment
    [add] BM content builder: Social link option
    [add] Font size vw unit
    [update] WooCommerce 3.7

    v1.1.1 7/30/2019
    [add] New demo data(Creative4, Photography1)
    – /demo-data/
    – /placehold/
    [add] Translated German po/mo files

    v1.1.0 7/15/2019
    [add] Custom selector for Font management
    [fix] Insert template: Masonry grid
    [fix] Load-more / infinite-scroll

    – /styles/style.css
    – /styles/menuicon-hamburg.css
    – /styles/menuicon-default.css
    – /styles/headericon-classic.css
    – /styles/headericon-default.css
    – /functions/js/custom-theme.js
    – /functions/plugins/bm-builder.zip

    v1.0.2 6/26/2019
    [fix] Single Portfolio: the image cannot be picked up on “Gallery on left/right” template
    [fix] Grid Mod: Loadmore button doesn’t hide
    [fix] Grid / MGrid Mod: Mask color doesn’t work if 100% opacity
    [fix] Grid / MGrid Mod: image-fit-grid doesn’t work

    – /styles/style.css
    – /functions/theme/js/theme.js
    – /functions/plugins/bm-builder.zip

    v1.0.1 6/17/2019
    [fix] Mouseover effect issue on Grid module
    [fix] The images are not shown after ajax loads on Grid module

    – /styles/style.css
    – /functions/plugins/bm-builder.zip
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    Video guide

    Update SEA theme

    1. Go to and login themeforest.net, move the mouse cursor to the username on top-right of the page, there is the sub-menu slide down, click “download” to go download page, click “Installable WordPress file only” to download the installable file.
    2. Login to your WordPress admin.
    3. In the “Appearance > Themes” menu, activate another theme, delete the SEA theme(click “Theme Details” on SEA thumbnail, there is the popup panel, click “delete” on the bottom-right corner)
    4. At the top of the page click “Add New”, click “Upload Theme”, then click the file input to select a file.
    5. Select the latest zipped theme file, “sea-theme.zip”, and click “Install Now”.
    6. After installation, you will receive a success message confirming your new install.
    7. Click the link “Activate”.

    Update BM Content

    1. Go to Plugins > All Plugins, deactivate BM Content Builder, delete the BM Content Builder
    2. Go to Appearance > Install Plugins: install/activate BM Content Builder

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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