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    hi, your 3 questions reply below:
    1. feel free update your wordpress to version 3.6, travel theme tested ok under this version of wp.
    2. open file style.css, find this statment(line 154 or about) ‘background:url(img/icon.png) no-repeat -24px -1px;’, comment or delete it.
    3. you can set the round corner radius here: appearance/theme options/list page(timeline)/Item Box Corner Radius, ‘the text box that appears all the way on the left’ may be can not do it.
    thank you



    hi, please checking below for your questions on TF:
    1. open file travel/styles/backslider.css, find line ‘background: url(“../img/bg_mask.png”);'(line 64 or about), comment it or remove it.
    2. open file travel/style.css, find line ‘h2.unit_title a,h2.unit_title .tit’, remove ‘padding-left: 20px;’ at this line(line 153 or about)
    3. please leaving your site url here, I need further checking to find the reason.
    thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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