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    I bought the Flowfolio WP theme and I’m currently creating my website with it.
    I’ve only just started so I’m working on the main menu for now, but there seems to be a problem : I have inactive (no links assigned) menu buttons that display active submenus. Next to the inactive menu’s title, a square is displayed (see included image for example, if this doesn’t work check this post : image ).
    I have no idea how to remove these squares, been searching web and forums for an hour but can’t find anything…checked the source code and nothing is to be found next to the button’s title in the appropriate tag. It happens every time I assign submenus to a menu button, doesn’t happen on menu buttons with no submenus.
    This problem sometimes also appears on the Flowfollio online demo.
    I’m using WP version 3.9.2 in French. Maybe it’s a translation issue but I doubt it…
    Any ideas on how to remove these squares in the menu?
    Thanks in advance for any tips or help.
    (PS : I’ve been looking for a solution in this forum but couldn’t find it, sorry if this issue has already been adressed.)



    Nevermind this question; it appears that the square is displayed to signify that the menu button displays submenu contents.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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