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    I have big troubles understanding how the previous/next-navigation can work as I want it to. Site’s adress is: http://norsted.com/
    For example, on the default landing page (Work) I have the masonry thumbnails for the projects I want to show. When you then open up a project detail page (a post actually, set with the hidden category “Work”) and then click on “next”, it goes to the next project but then it jumps to another post (that has a category name set to “Illustration”. I do not want this to happen, but only to rotate between the posts in the same category.

    Also, some of the previous/next links are stuck in a loop. Just check http://norsted.com/logotypes/

    How can I set the prev/next links behaviour? I just realised that this function didn’t work, and I’m *this* close to migrating the site to where it belongs…



    Oh, and I just installed the very latest version of Arnold (V 1.3.2). Problem is not solved it seems.



    Hmm… just toggled a few categories on and off and its seems like things are starting to behave again. I’ll be back if I run into any more troubles,




    Did you set the “Category for More Project Button On The Bottom of Gallery Post” in Appearance > Theme Options > Layout


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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