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    Bloggary Version: 1.2.8
    WordPress 4.7.5; can’t upgrade to latest version because doing so breaks most of my plugins!
    Paid Memberships Pro Version 1.9.3

    Edit: removed link to example of page that shouldn’t be visible, because I can’t wait for a fix. Switching themes. If you are aware of problem you can fix, but I need to move on. Thanks.

    • Require membership check boxes have absolutely no effect.
    • Restricting content by Category has no effect.
    • Using [membership] [/membership] tags DOES work
    • .

    I tried turning other plugins off. No effect. Changing theme to something other than Bloggary did have an effect: the restricted content was unreachable, and I got the messages telling me that the content was for members only, as expected. So it looks as if something about this theme breaks Paid Memberships Pro. But Paid Memberships Pro came installed with the theme!

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    Thanks for reminding, we’ll check it as soon!

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    Hi, it should be not a bug.

    Please check if activate “Enable Paid Content (Paid Membership Pro plugin)” in theme option

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