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    amazing theme of course!!! 🙂 – HOW HOW HOW can one mod to use SELF-HOSTED little videos THAT SHOW just like the demo.

    WHY not is certainly a tech fact – YET really really this has got to be OR become possible.

    many thanks

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    Hi, sorry for delay. to implement self-hosted videos play should be a big job. it will concerned about video format issue, browsers compatible issue, server performance issue …, so the better way still youtube or vimeo:(



    Thanks – absolutely not concerned, and perhaps neither should theme-devs be, with server performance and the likes. I’m looking for a hack/mod that simply allows a video to show up IN the box like the youtube and vimeo demo.

    What i’m confused about is why something isn’t possible as far as getting the videos to JUST show up. The plugin Can’t the required video code be forced into the top level page so that it shows? Thank you!:-)


    ALL 2014 links gotten from above link
    – WordPress › Replace Featured Image with Video
    – WordPress › Featured Video Plus « WordPress Plugins
    – etc.

    Sooo… FEATURED IMAGES AS animated GIFs SHOW UP – why not self-hosted video even when using ANY one of the many methods. please see link above.

    Can that be made to work?? The visitor needs to be able to click on a LITTLE self-hosted video and play it RIGHT at the top level IN the box.

    again, many thanks. brilliant theme.



    Hi, I have checked the 2 plugins you mentioned, but unfortunatly they all using embed videos rather than self-hosted (you can see the screenshots images with plugins). then I think the embeded videos still the better choice so far.



    Wonderful to have had you attention on the request. I’ll need to do more studying it appears. (thanks for info)

    The objective being: to be able to have small self-hosted videos show up in the top level boxes as in your demos.

    Must be do-able somehow.

    I believe many of us are not going to want nor need exclusively youtube and the rest.



    Hi, please see below links:
    even though you use one of these plugins, some extra work you still to do, such as hack the wordpress to enable uploading various format of videos, converting one video to various format and uploaded them. this may be cost your many times and vigor I think.
    All the best



    Hi! came back to clarify with an UPDATE comment and found your kind reply. thanks. Would never use JW in this decade, myself that is. mediaElement.js (now IN WordPress of course) and perhaps jPlayer are modern and not sullied with agedness and commercialization etc. etc. in MY mind that is.

    Ok, so firstly noting that one of the two links to plugs i posted (the better of the two) DOES (apparently) have Local Media as a feature.

    Beside your Local Videos (WordPress 3.6+ required) you can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

    plus, thanks for the why NOT to self-host. these sites always pop-up like a slap when one is looking to self-host – hehe – YET I am certain, obviously, that it’s not an obsolete skill (self-hosting) it’s just more geekie.

    So, may i ask if you have any comment about a modern solution using wordpress’ mediaElement.js magic — 2014 now and most of the other stuff, with GREAT appreciation for your time taken, don’t fit in with WordPress 3.8 anymore.

    I may have missed a couple of other points or concessions though moving as swiftly as possible here as hosting small videos (self-hosting) IS a needed feature for many i’ve discovered.

    in absolutely any event —

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    Video.js is cool and has caught my eye before – maybe you even use it I’m now thinking – I’m also thinking conflicts and lack of integration and headaches generally due to wordpress solution currently in place in 3.8.1 etc.

    There was a time I’d struggle through anything though that’s become pointless in my mind due to how quickly knowledge becomes obsolete. The lasting benefits from the ability to struggle are great – and knowing when not to is one of the benefits.

    cool! let’s see videos using WP’s mediaElement.js in the top level boxes somehow is the goal and as elegantly as possible. the less is more thing. oh the struggles we’ve all had. hehehe

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