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    Hi there,

    I copied a site to my local testserver, where the domain name is different from the online site.
    For example http://www.siteclient1.eu is http://siteclient1 on the local server.
    I changed the domain name into the downloaded sql with find&replace and imported that sql file into the local SQL server.

    After that…
    All the links, titles, text and url into pagebuilder “image boxes” or “single image” are gone.
    Text boxes are still there.
    The theme settings in the theme are also gone, set to default colors and settings.

    In the sql-file I see the (new) links and descriptions, but on the local site (front) I got empty places! When a take a look at the back in those pagebuilder image items, everything is empty, nothing is filled in.

    How and where can I find the solutions to those lost links, titles, text and url info and the theme settings.


    Kind regards Mieke



    Hi, I have no idea, i’ll send your question to our backend developer.




    Hi, our backend developer said that it maybe replace statement. You need manually modify some database statement or re-edit the “image boxes” or “single image” modules.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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