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    I purchase the Art WP Theme last weekend in order to upgrade my photography website, however I’m facing two major issues that are very very time consuming:
    a) I’m not able to bulk-assign categories to Media files – every media file must be categorized individually
    b) When creating a Portfolio, and selecting Media files, it is not possible to filter them according to Media categories. This makes the portfolio creation very cumbersome, as I categorized Media files in hopes of being able to quickly filter them later when creating portfolios and other posts.

    I would appreciate your help on the above.
    Thank you!
    Kind Regards,

    http://www.snapi.org (currently not upgraded to ART theme)



    Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

    1. There is not bulk-assign options for media files for now.

    2. If you put one category image for one page like your current site. It isn’t necessary to set category for each media file. You could create several pages like Landscapes, places… Put the pages on main menu
    If you want to use Grid filter, you have to set the category for each media file. The “Filter” is based on category.
    I don’t know what’s page structure you want to create, maybe I can give you more suggestion.

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    Thanks for your very prompt reply!

    I have some images that I classify as belonging to several categories e.g an aerial photo of Helsinki during the blue hour will belong to the following media categories: “cityscape” “aerial” “Finland” “Helsinki” “Blue hour”.

    Filtering media files per media file category when creating a portfolio would allow me to quickly create new portfolios.
    E.g. if I want to create an Helsinki portfolio, then I would filter all images that belong to the “Helsinki” category and only select those.
    E.g. if I want to create a portfolio of blue hour photos, then I would filter all images that belong to the “Blue hour” category.
    And I could also filter all “Landscape” photos taken at “Sunset” for instance to create a Landscape at sunset portfolio.

    Now when selecting Media files for a portfolio, the media files categories do not appear so it’s tedious.






    Welcome 🙂

    There is not the category system for media library. It is not like single posts. There is not the option in WordPress.
    Yes, we added a “category” input for each media file, it is only for Grid filter. It is not like the category of single post.
    Maybe we will consider to add the feature, but it is not quick, it is not a easy function. I am sorry. You have to select image manually.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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