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    Is there any way to make an uploaded logo appear bigger than the 120 x 100 container ?

    Is there any way using the “flip” on a portfolio page to make the thumbnails that appear when flipped any bigger ?

    Also does it have to be limited to 3 thumbnails ? is there anyway to make it maybe 4 or 5 ?

    I also have noticed that on my higher res screen and ipad, the images appear great.. But on a cheaper Monitor I have the homepage images appear blurry, but when they are opened up with the flip thumbnails,they look fine in the lightbox. I’ve set everything for “large” image sizes because I figured it was compressing the smaller sizes, is that correct ?




    Ok, I think I figured out the blurry part… In Google chrome it looks great all around. But on Safari, the front page images are blurry, the lightbox slideshows are not. I installed an image plugin that has helped a little bit, but it’s still kind of blurry comparably.

    Any Ideas ?



    Ok, I think I might have a solution. I set the featured image to one that was included in the flip series at 1046 x 809 pixels.. above the 800 x 800 it suggests. But this seems to be causing the blurry image effect. I uploaded a smaller version of the one I wanted featured at 523 x 405 pixels, half the size and it seems to have worked better.

    I’m confused as to why it says featured images need to be larger, since it looks like word press is compressing them down and lowering the quality so bad it becomes blurry.

    I’m not sure this is the optimal thing to do though… can you let me know if I’m on the right track ?




    When you upload a image, wordpress would crop the image as the theme default thumbnail settings.

    For portfolio brick list, there are 4 sizes for thumbnail: 800 x 800px, 400 x 400px, 400 x 800px and 800 x 400px, like the screenshot.

    If you upload a image bigger than the sizes, the theme would crop the image as right size.

    If you upload a image size smaller the sizes, the theme would use the original image. Unless your picture aspect ratio is correct, otherwise the picture will disproportion.

    Could you please leave your site? I’ll to check the thumbnails in your site.

    Best, Bwsm

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    For portfolio interlock: thumbnail size is 800 x 480

    For portfolio grid: landscape is 800 x 480, 1:1 is 800 x 800, Auto radio is original size

    The lightbox use the original image




    I uploaded bigger than 800 x 800 but on auto ratio… so I’m guessing maybe that’s why the blur originally..

    And the thumbnails I was asking about are the ones when you flip the image… any chance they can be bigger and few more of them ?




    Hi, in portfolio module settings, list type to ‘Grid list’, there will be show image size option,
    Thank you

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