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    Is there a way to replicate the hover effect for homepage gallery thumbnails that are from ‘Link’ format posts? Specifically, the fade out/fade in with color background behind the title. So far, I have used:

    .filter_post-format-link .grid-item-con:after {background: none!important;} > to enable featured images from link format posts

    .grid-stack .grid-item-con:hover:after {display:none;}
    .filter_post-format-link .grid-item-con-text {opacity:0;}
    .grid-item-con:after,.ux-lazyload-wrap { background-color: transparent;} > to enable fade in title with hover

    Is there something I can add to create the original default color fade? I’m not sure if the default fade visual is a simple fade in of color or a sequence of thumbnail fade out + color fade in.

    Also, is this your recommended method of directing gallery images to ‘Pages’? Using link format posts to redirect?

    Thank you so much!

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    Nevermind, I think I figured it out. I changed the latter code to specify link format items:

    .grid-stack .grid-item-con:hover:after {opacity:0}
    .filter_post-format-link .grid-item-con-text {opacity:0;}
    .filter_post-format-link .grid-item-con:hover:after,.ux-lazyload-wrap { background-color: #313139!important;}

    Do you approve? Also, is this still the best method of redirecting portfolio images to pages instead of posts?

    Thank you so much

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    If you want to the thumbnail to show by default, The “redirecting portfolio images” is better than using link format post.

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    Hello! Thanks for your answer. Could you clarify? Do you mean using a redirect plugin? I am using the link format post and directing it to a separate page URL currently, so the post featured image goes to the page. If you mean changing the URL of the image itself, I would like to insert the same image in my page but have it open to lightbox/slideshow or it will just direct to the open page in a loop.




    Maybe I am not clarify your questions.
    Could you give more tips for your question? Thanks!

    I am not mean to change URL of image itself. I mean redirect the post URL. Yes, it needs a redirect plugin.
    But if you make the thumbnail of link format post shown successfully, it is ok by link format also. Not necessary to use
    redirect plugin.


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    Ah okay that answers my question perfectly! Thank you very much again!!

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