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    I’m writing to show a strange thing happening in my theme setup. When in responsive mode (mobile menu is active) the top bar reduces it’s size towards the top of the screen. This happens correctly with Layouts 1 and 2, but not with lyout 3, which is the one I’m trying right now. I tested this and confirmed it in mobile devices as well as desktops. I think the bottom wrap-outer padding-top should become 60 but it’s still 80 (see screenshot Layout-3b) but since I don’t want to mess with responsiveness of your theme too much I tried to track the css issue but I’m sure you’ll fix this better than me in no time. Thanks in advance.



    Thanks for mention, we’ll upgrade it in next version.
    quick fix: add the code co custom css(wp-admin/theone/general settings):

    body.page.menu-default-show-bg-body.ux-mobile #wrap-outer {
      padding-top: 60px;


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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