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    Google Updated Api policies that cause some site maps not to show. You need set the Google Maps ApiKey firstly:

    • Get the Google Map Api Key here.
    • Login wp-admin, go to “BM PageBuilder” on left bar, Paste the key.

      Note: if there is not the option, please go to themeforest download the Air theme, find :/air-theme/functions/plugins/bm-pagebuilder.zip, login wp-admin of your WordPress, re-install the BM PageBuilder(remove the old BM Pagebuilder firslty)

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    Deleting the plugin you get a notification that it deletes also its data, does it affect in any way pages already built with the plugin?



    Hi, please give more tips.
    What’s plugin? What’s notification(better paste a screenshot)?




    Hi, I was referring to your advice to remove the existing plugin and reinstall it from the archive.

    When removing the BM PageBuilder I get the following notification:

    Printscreen BM PageBuilder plugin

    So I was wondering whether clicking OK may affect in any way the content previously built with the plugin.

    Thank you!



    It will not remove the content built by BM Pagebuilder already.
    Be safe, still suggest you make backup(install a backup plugin to do it) before removing any things.
    ps:I checked your wp-admin, there is “BM PageBuilder” on left bar, it isn’t necessary to re-install the BM Pagebuilder.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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