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    I’m having issues with having a full width page module. It aligns to the right BUT when I have the Chrome Dev Tool open, it then renders correctly (wraps to the full width size). The image is above 1960px width.

    But… I actually just noticed something bizarre.

    In Chrome:
    – Go to the site, if the full width page wrap module is aligned to the right, open the Chrome Dev Tools. If the tool fixes the alignment. Refresh the site with the Dev Tool still open. Then close the Dev Tool. Now the page looks fixed.

    Soooo weird.. Please help.



    Here are some screenshots.



    Hi, sorry for the trouble.

    Please try to download the attached file and unzip it, upload and replace it to your space bee/js folder.

    If it does not work, could you plz leave your space ftp account through private message(check option ‘Set as private reply’)? Because i can not find the issue in my host, i need to upload some files(http://d.pr/i/KLOZ) to your space for some testing.


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    Thank you 😉 This fixed it. Just out of curiosity, what was the issue?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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