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    Hey there,
    I have some matters concerning Arnold, thank’s in advance

    1) How can I increase the footer hight (I need to set a precise amount of pixel)

    2) When I set (in Portfolio – Standard Grid) > Show filter > Above gallery, I would like NOT to show every category I’ve created but just some (now for example it shows uncategorized items also) I want to show. How can I do that?

    3) The Slider for Article is great, I wonder if I could use it also in a page and not only in Article. That would be perfect ’cause I need a page with some sliders but among Module image, slider is not available (only for content).

    4) Guess no, but I try: Is there a way to set a URL starting from a filter selected? I need a specific URL with Portfolio – Standard Grid > Show filter, with a selection (so that I directly come to the related items).

    Thank’s a lot




    1) Please paste the custom CS code to “Appearance > Customize: Additional CSS”

    @media (min-width: 768px) {
    .footer-info {padding: 80px 0;}

    You could change the 80px, it is the padding top/bottom of footer content(copyright, footer menu …). The default is 60px.

    2) Please create a root category like named “works”. Put all single gallery posts with the category “works”
    Set category “works” as the parent category of what categories shown on filters.
    Edit the Portfolio page, choose the category “works”.
    read more https://www.uiueux.com/forums/topic/arnold-wordpress-theme-faqs/#post-15242

    3) It isn’t possible.

    4) We will consider add the feature in next update, The special URL format should be “pageURL + #subcategory-name” like https://www.uiueux.com/wp/arnold3/#product

    Bwsm – uiueux.comTwitterFacebook


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    Both fixed.

    Please activate lightbox for the single image, because the lightbox has been forbidden by custom CSS.

    The foot text align to left by custom CSS:

    @media (max-width: 767px) {
    .footer-text * {text-align:left}



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    1) I don’t understand this question, please give more information. Better paste a screenshot. Thanks!

    2) Please use this custom CSS, it will change 16/9 as 2/3:

    .ux-ratio-169 .grid-list .ux-lazyload-wrap {
        padding-top: 66.67%!important;

    You could use “Masonry Portfolio” template if all featured images are with the same size.

    3) Please clone a new module when translating on the cloned page. refer to https://www.uiueux.com/documentation/arnold/index.html#Translation (2.1 Translate the Pagebuilder)
    For this page https://www.gilbertiricca.com/privacy-policy/?lang=en
    Please try to add new Text Block or other modules to edit content.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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