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    Thanks for your swift response on getting my password set up. Once again, you have an awesome theme. I’m using it for my music site. http://antoiojackson.org

    I am using “wp customer reviews” plugin. Under the “Reviews & Press” page the submit form does not open up, because of the ajax load. It will work if I type the actual page address in the address bar, but not with the ajax load. Is there anyway to fix this or ‘reload content’ into a page?

    I am also using the “User Pro” and “BuddyPress” plugins. They seem to work fine, however I am having the same problem with the profile edit page in the “User Pro” plugin. When it comes to uploading and avatar, the upload button will not work unless I reload the page. I will know this, but new users will not know know this. Once again, is there a way to reload content into a page. Basically I just need a couple of my pages to reload content. The others are fine.

    I am also using “woo commerce”. I have been working through it, but any suggestions on getting a proper product page would be helpful.

    Either way, my main concern is getting those submit and upload buttons to work. Any coding or plugin I can use.

    Please Advise,

    Thanks for an awesome theme!

    Antonio Jackson



    hi sorry, your site can not reach http://antoiojackson.org, see attache image,
    Thank you




    Thanks for your quick reply on this issue. Sorry about the link. It’s antoniojackson.org I think I resolved the problem just by chance. I was looking at the documentation and noticed that I could use the “noajax” under the ‘Link Relationship’ tab under the Menu section. I tried it and when I used it for specific pages it actually loaded the content and allowed me to use the submission button and form for the plugin ‘WP Reviews’. It still doesn’t work for my ‘User Pro’ plugin, but I’m going to use the ‘Buddypress’ plugin instead.

    Now I have another issue with using the gallery. You can close this ticket and I will open another one for the Gallery issue.

    Thanks so much for you swift response on this. You have great support and an awesome theme. I will submit a new ticket for the issue I’m having with the gallery.


    Thanks again!

    Antonio Jackson

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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