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    Please see the ge.tt page for attached images:

    1. How do I engage/switch-on the top carousel/gallery for a portfolio post? An example from your demo is here:

    2. On mobile devices, only one image in the carousel/gallery is seen at one time, and there’s nothing to tell me that I should swipe to see more.

    What can you help me to add to make it clear for mobile users that they can swipe (right or left) through more images in the gallery? E.g. can you provide code to insert “< >” for mobile users below the carousel/gallery on the post, and where I should put that code?

    3. In the carousel/slide on a post in the style of the “Inter” project, what are the optimal dimensions (in pixels) for medium width images (see ge.tt image “medium.png”), square images (see ge.tt image “square.png”), long width images (see ge.tt image “long.png”)?





    1. Posts > Add new, set “Gallery” format, set “Slide” Layout Template

    2. We will consider add the option next Update

    3. There is not optimal dimensions suggestion, the images size of demo site you can refer: 1400×515, 1400×1280, 1280×851


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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