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    The usual suspect (IE) Strikes again.

    My website is http://sagatcapital.com/ , and when you view it from Internet Explorer the Closing Button breaks.
    Please Assist.

    Best Regards




    please try to download the zip file attached and unzip it. Replace the 2 files by ftp:

    If you have changed(custom) the style.css, you could change the .closeBtn css code around the line 283 – 291

    a.closeBtn {
    	width: 30px;height: 30px; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0;
    .closeBtn span { 
    	width: 0; height: 0; right: 0; top: 0; position: absolute; 
    	cursor:pointer; z-index: 999; display: block; border-top: none; border-right: none; border-bottom: 40px solid #333; border-left: 40px solid transparent; 
    	-moz-transform: rotate(-90deg);
    	-ms-transform: rotate(-90deg);
    	transform: rotate(-90deg);
    .closeBtn span:after { 
    	content: "";display: block;float: left; width: 21px; height: 17px; position: absolute; top: 18px; left: -26px; 
    	background: url("img/icon.png") no-repeat scroll 9px 7px transparent; 

    line 596

    .closeBtn:hover span { 
    	border-top: none; border-right: none; border-bottom: 40px solid #f25e4e; border-left: 40px solid transparent; 

    Best, Bwsm



    Once Again thank you for the prompt response,

    it worked like a charm!

    Now for future reference if someone has changed the page header background color they should also tweak include_custom_style.php cause this fix adds a white background on rollover.

    .closeBtn:hover{ border-bottom:40px solid <?php echo of_get_option(‘link-color’); ?>; border-bottom:none\9;}

    .closeBtn:hover{ border-bottom:40px solid transparent; border-bottom:none\9;}

    Best Regards



    Hi Madous, Thanks 🙂

    The theme has updated updated in Themefoest(ie7.css/i8.css also updated better)

    by the way, your site http://sagatcapital.com/ is really cool. I want to list it as site case to my theme introduction page, ok?

    Best, Bwsm



    Hello and thank you, for your kind words!

    This theme and its team, is what makes it really cool, you guys did an amazing job and your customer support in next to none. Regarding the list. By all means list it, is the least i can do for you guys. Keep up the good work ! Thumbs Up !

    Best Regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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