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    Dear people @ Uiueux!

    First: I love your work and A.I.R.-Theme is just right for me. Thank you.

    Than I have a question: I would like to replace the default-image with one of my own and replaced the URL with an 800x1400px-Image. http://www.meta.at/portfolio/startMG.php

    On desktop everything works fine, also with resizing the window. But on my iPhone the image doesn´t seem to resize, so all I see is a white screen and then I have to scroll for ages to com to the content-layer. Can you please help me, that the bg-image resizes to 100%width of the screen?

    Thanks a lot.




    Sorry guys. Was my mistake. Found it. Everything runs smoothly. Thank you



    Unfortunately my solution didn´t work out: http://www.meta.at/portfolio/essen.php I want the BG-Image on my iPhone to resize, but it seems to remain at 100% My first solution was max-width:100% and this worked for a short time.

    Can you please help me?
    Thank you very much



    The background fixed doesn’t work on mobile, please add the CSS:

    .touchevents body[class*="Safari"] .ux-background-img,
    .touchevents body[class*="FBview"] .ux-background-img,
     .touchevents body[class*="Safari"] .post-cover .ux-background-img,
    .touchevents body[class*="FBview"] .post-cover .ux-background-img {
      background-attachment: scroll;


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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