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    The designer has used the LayerSlider plugin with the Bee theme, and we have noticed a large gap between the LayerSlider and the next row of plugins. This is against our expected behaviour, we would like the plugin rows to be flush against each other…

    hi, as the original design in pagebuilder, full-width wrap and modules all have default margins and paddings on top and bottom. to decrease this between modules, I suggest you could place moudles direct into editor without a full-width wrap container, or customize the margin and padding styles for full-width wrap and modules.



    Thanks, we removed the layerslider and the row beneath from fullwidth wraps, and now the gap has reduced, it looks so much better.

    We were wondering about the margins, we tried playing with the CSS to fix this. It turns out that any changes we make are applied globally. Is there a way of specifying an ID that we can give to each wrap, or module?




    Hi, you could try to add custom styles through file bee/js/custom.pagebuild.js like this:
    document.getElementsByClassName("promote-wrap")[0].parentNode.style.margin = '40px 0 0 0'
    this will add margin to promote module.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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