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    hello –

    1/ when i go into my posts i dont see the first letter which is in a different color in your design – now it has disappeared completely – where do i fix this?

    2/ in my portfolio i’m using “lastest posts” as a module to show video and audio – when i go into a post i want to be able to see thumbnails of more posts below the current post – is that possible?

    3/ can i delete the option to review a post? where do i do that?





    1. login wp-admin, go to Theone / Layout / Page/Post / Highlight First Letter For Titles, activate it

    2. Did you mean the related posts? It works for portfolio format post only.

    3. I am not clear the question, could you give more details (or screenshot)?




    thank you.

    1/ Im using the realted posts since i need to show audio & video in my posts – can i show these in other formats? portfolio format? or another?

    2/ can i delete the option to review a post? where do i do that? attached a screen shot – see at the bottom of the screen where people can review – can i delete this option?



    1/ The related post is only shown in portfolio format posts. is it shown on you audio & video post? could you plz leave your post url?

    2/ For exited posts, edit the post, un-check the “Allow comments”(screenshot) in “Comments” panel, if you don’t find the panel, please click “Screen Options”(screenshot) on top of post editing page.

    For new posts, go to Settings/Discussion, un-check “Allow people to post comments on new articles ” option

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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