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Thank you for your response. To test this I created a new page and started with content in the classic editor, got all green lights for WordPress SEO, then switched over to Page Builder and pasted the same copy into a Text Box. Saved the draft, and the page analysis is still good — this looks promising.

However, for pages that were originally created with Page Builder, will I mess things up by switching to Classic Editor and adding in my copy, then going *back* to Page Builder? I tried this approach yesterday and after I published the updated page, *all* my PB content was gone. Since this was on the live site I somewhat panicked and managed to get all the content back; not sure if it was server lag that made my content disappear for a moment or if this is what I can expect when using the above procedure for all the pages.

Can you offer any insight before I begin testing and potentially messing up the live pages?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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