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hi, I have checked you site http://www.webzofnass.info, below are replies:
1. please move your mouse along with the displayed menu area.
2. try many time, not found this issue, give me a example page url?
3. please give me more details info about this, attached some images illustration would be better.
4. for ajax load page from links, the links should be like this: <a href="http://domain.com" onclick="travelAnimate.transition('http://domain.com');return false;" ><imag src="abc.jpg"/></a>
5. change ‘read more’ background color here: backend:/appearance/theme options/color settings/hyperlinks font color; change fore color: open file style.css find this line a.playvideo, .unit_excerpt a.more {, after this change the color vaule.
6. I will check this issue and reply you later.

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