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Hi there,

I managed to get access to the server and did the changes. We are getting closer (many issues have been solved), but I still have some:

1. I managed to link smoothly an image of a page to another page! BUT when you click on the ‘Close Button’ of the new page, you go back to the last page (This is exactly the OLD PROBLEM #2!!!). I will give you an example: Visit website http://www.zofnass.org, go to ‘Current research’, you will see 4 images, click on the first image ‘Economic Process Tool’. It links you smoothly to a new page (Economic Process Tool), but when you click on the ‘Close Button’, you get the ‘Current Research’ page back instead of going to the home page. I hope now this is clear and can be solved!

2. This one will drive me crazy (OLD PROBLEM #6)… I deleted this in main.js file as you adviced: selectString += '<option value="">'+settings.topOptionText+'</option>';. It didn’t work, so I added it back. Then I decided to test my scripting abilities and changed this: topOptionText: 'Menu' into topOptionText: 'V'. I lost all mobile menu and instead I get a long list of V’s. Now, the problem is that I tried to change this back to the default, but I still get the V’s! I also replaced the main.js file with the default, or even completely delete the main.js (I also deleted browser history and cache). Still I get the V’s. What is wrong with this? Is it a server problem with updating the file or I did something wrong to the code which is not reversible?

Exlorer 9 issues

1. The Close Button at pages/posts is not working properly even by adding the alternative code you suggested. It gives opacity to the button when hover in Chrome and Firefox, but no changes in IE9. I did a .gif to illustrate what is happening. Symbol X goes outside of the triangle and you don’t get the hand symbol (see attached).

2. The menu tab sticks to the Logo, although there is an 1px margin arround the Menu tab in CSS Stylesheet (please see .gif again). In Chrome/Firefox this works fine, but not in IE9.

That’s all. I hope we can work these out and leave you back into peace soon!!! 🙂

Thank you so much!

  • This reply was modified 4 years, 12 months ago by  christsim.
  • This reply was modified 4 years, 12 months ago by  christsim.

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