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old issues:
1. please open file js/main.js find this codes(begin with line 1122):


replace it with:

		jQuery(this).children('ul.sub-menu').stop(true, true).delay(200).slideDown(100);
		jQuery(this).children('ul.sub-menu').stop(true, true).delay(200).slideUp(100);

2. I can not repeat the issue you mentioned in my test environment. please give me more details for test.
4. links in a post only support link to internal page with ajax feature in this theme. becuase external link page ajax return we can not control. sorry about this.
6. please open file js/main.js and find this line, comment or remove it:
selectString += '<option value="">'+settings.topOptionText+'</option>';
new issues:
1. not sure whats the reason, may you should check your host dir or file privilege? or contact your host supplyer?
2. sorry, I can not help about this.
3. please open file footer.php and find social icons section, add all a tag with attribute target like this:
All the best

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