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Hi again!

Thanks for the reply!

The last days I did the transfer to the permanent web host and address now is http://www.zofnass.org. I still have some of the previous problems and some new:


1. Yes, I know that the user needs to move mouse along with the displayed menu area, but most people that tested the website commented that it frequently flickers… Any way to avoid that when you go straight from ‘Menu’ to, let’s say, ‘People’?

2. It doesn’t happen in a specific page url, but randomly. Most testers mentioned that this is the most annoying problem of the website.

3. Don’t need an answer for that any longer.

4. I didn’t manage to make this work. Could you give the exact html code for that:

5. Don’t need an answer for that any longer.

6. Still waiting for your answer to that.


1. The dashboard of wordpress in the new web hosting provider does not show the CSS Editor. I now only use the Custom CSS window in the Theme Options to do changes, but as I am not an expert, it is hard for me to write codes from scratch. Do you have any idea why the CSS Editor is not displayed there?

2. Unfortunately now I don’t have access to the FTP of the university. I asked the university’s web technician to replace the main.js so we can have the menu always displayed, but this time it is not working (!). Any idea why? Should I maybe deactivte and reactivate the theme? Any other suggestions? (I managed to do this myself quite easily in the temporary website…)

3.How can I have the Social Media pages open in a new window when I click on their icons?

Last thing, I noticed that in the new website (where menu is not displayed when you are in a page or post), the OLD PROBLEM #2 almost never happens. Is there any connection?

These are the questions for now. Many apologies for bombardizing you with so many things! Your help is precious!

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