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Hi again,

I would like EACH page of the menu to have its own address at the bar. The address of the home page is http://research.gsd.harvard.edu/zofnass/. When you go to Menu->About, you still get: http://research.gsd.harvard.edu/zofnass/ at the adress bar.
I would like it to be http://research.gsd.harvard.edu/zofnass/menu/about

In order to fix the problem, I followed your words from another discussion:
to disable menu links ajax feature please open file js/main.js find this line jQuery(“#navi a”).aLinkClick();,
comment it or delete it;

I did this (and also cleared cache) and now I get individual address for each page in my computer, but other visitors of the website still see http://research.gsd.harvard.edu/zofnass/ in EVERY page.

Hope this is clearer now. Looking forward for your reply.

Many thanks.

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