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To translate the contact form in footer, you need translate the po/mo file :

1. Open the /wp-content/themes/bee/languages/ folder and duplicate the default.po file, then rename it to your desired language code. For example, for German you need to rename it as de_DE.po for Spanish es_ES.po for Turkish tr_TR.po etc. You could find all the codes here.

2. Open the .po file in PO Edit, you will see all strings that need to be translated. Type the translation of a string into the “Translation” column. Do not delete or edit “Original string” part.
After finish translating, save the file, an .mo file would be created in the same directory.

3. Upload the new files into the languages folder of the theme /wp-content/themes/bee/languages/

Note: You will notice the content of “default.po”” is very complex, you could use the reduced version named “defaule_frontend.po” to edit necessary strings which will be show on front end.

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