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– However, I am still struggling with the social media icons replacement with a more visible color. I have emailed the username/password to access wedlockgist.com.
I can’t login your wp-admin by username “admin” and “wedlockgist.com”

– The sub-menu font is still small after adding the code to Webzine.
Try add the code to custom css:
.nav ul ul li a{ font-size:13px; }
You could change the value of font size as you want, defaule is 12px

– Also, I’d like to change the ‘Leave a message’ to ‘Comments’ and to make the font more prominent against the background color.
Did you mean the button: http://d.pr/i/CzT3
Please add to the code to custom css, the button color is changed as red (same as the main menu font):
#respond .respondbtn{ background-color:#AD0000 }

Also the “Related Searches” keeps popping up every time I click on any of the menu pages. How do I get rid of that, is it related to the SEO.

I don’t understand the question and the screenshot in docx file. Where is the “Related Searches” that keeps popping up ? You could use droplr.com to screenshot, it is convenient.

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