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Hello urmyfriend,
I’m really thankful for what you’ve done to my problems. Most of my problems were perfectly solved except the following ones, some of which are new:

1)I followed your instructions to add some Chinese font items to options-sanitize.php, but it didn’t work. Every time I typed any Chinese characters in this file, uploaded it to the server, and then all of the links went to a blank page. It seems that I should do something first to have the php file accept Chinese, shouldn’t I?

2)The link “LEAVE A REPLY” and “Reply” on every Page doesn’t work. No column shows after I click on the link while it works fine on the bottom of all the Posts.

3)Which file should be edited if I’d like to change every “Reply” link into Chinese?

4)I found that when someone left a comment without filling in his/her URL, the theme set it to the website URL by default; that means if I click on the comment author name next to his/her gravatar, the website will be loaded from the beginning again. Is it possible to just leave it blank or make the author name with no link? By the way, for those who leave a URL, where can I make his/her website shown in a new window instead of replacing the original one?

5)All the comments are set to be shown in an italic style by default. Where can I reset it to normal and what if I’d like to change its font?

Many thanks to you and sorry for the bother! 🙂