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Dear urmyfriend,
It’s really nice of you to do me such favor! without your help, I may have given up using WordPress…
For the incorrect display and video player default icon issues, I’ll do some more tests and try to figure out what may cause these problems.

Now what troubles me most is the #2686 issue posted ob March 6. I took your suggestion to use other ways to guide users to the comment page for I’d known the reason why and thought it was no problem with me anymore until I found that even on the PAGE “發聲迴響” with comments more than one page, this problem also happened. It means that nobody can leave a reply to the comments not on the latest page if I don’t try to have the problem solved. Is there anything I can do to at least correct this error?

Also, may I have the idea of which file the phrase “點這裡取消回覆” which means “To cancel making a comment.” at the bottom of any post is located in? I looked over for it in most of the .php files but just couldn’t find it.

Many thanks for you! 🙂

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