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Hi, urmyfriend!
I’m here again to report one more error. Here are what I did with IE, Firefox, and Chrome.
-Read the second latest post “小小倫.”
-Leave the gallary.
-Read the third latest post “折翼天使.”
-Click on the “發聲迴響” at the bottom of the post; then click CROSS icon to close the post without leaving a reply.
-Read the latest post “網站改版中.”
-Click CROSS icon to close the post.
-Read the fourth latest post “Close your eyes. You will see.”
-Click CROSS icon to close the post.
-Read the latest post “網站改版中.”
-(Maybe read and close one or two more posts..)

SOMETIMES right after some of these steps, posts would then be displayed incorrectly. (See attached images.) This mistake seemed not able to repeat in the same step with the same browser all the time, but it often happened if I kept reading and closing different posts. Can this happen from your end? What may the solutions be? Thanks a lot.

By the way, I prefer also changing the data format to 2014年03月08日(YEAR MONTH DAY) at the bottom of every post and the format of date & time below any comment to 2014年03月08日 22時02分 (two spaces between the date and time)which is now read as “03-08-2014, 10:02 下午.” Sorry for keeping troubling you. If you’ve got lots of work to do, you may just tell me which file(s) to edit to make it, and then I’ll try myself. Thank you so much.

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