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Hooray! Thank you, urmyfriend!
The Theme TRAVEL is becoming perfect with your help. Next time if your company has similar new themes, do let me know, I’ll be glad to purchase one to dress my website up! 🙂

For the gallery post control icons issue, I thought it could be because the post showed the five circles first, then loaded all the photos inside, and last proceeded to show the icons. If it’s true, when somebody reads a gallery format post with many photos for the first time, and the server is slow due to traffic or some other reasons, then the icons may delay quite long for no catch or cookies reason. So is it possible to have the icons shown right after the circles, and followed by photos. Or it’s not the problem? 🙂

Besides, may I have the idea of where to change the DATE format under the title of every post to the style 2014年03月08日, where “年” means “YEAR”, “月” means “MONTH”, and “日” means “DAY.”

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