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Not sure what you mean by edit fullwidth wrap & save at least once. How & what am I supposed to edit?

when you insert a new fullwidth wrap, please edit the fullwidth wrap, save it at least once(see screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tj9gvsyxoyj61m5/QQ20150908-1.jpg?dl=0). Or the new fullwidth wrap will not be shown. For your home page, it isn’t new fullwidth wrap, so you could ignore it.

How do I get the Site Name & Header to show? They’re both in there but nothing shows.

Where is “Site Name & Header” you talked about? Could you please paste a screenshot?

Also, top of the menu bar still shows “Aside”. How do I get this to change?

Please login wp-admin, go to Aside / General Settings / , upload custom logo. (see screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y4cajfha4pvs0m/QQ20150908-2.jpg?dl=0)

On the front page portfolio brick, is there a way to select which of the portfolio posts is shown rather than random?

There is not order option. I suggest you refer the video guide for brick list:

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