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Hi uiueux team 🙂

our company just bough your beautiful and simple theme – TEDDY. We are very satisfied as it looks great and it is really easy to use.

We need some help though:

1) Is it possible to use gallery post A01 as a “video post”? i.e. on the left side there would be video on which people can click and watch it without opening any lightbox or static post page.. and on the right side there would be sidebar with a headline and text on which you can click and the static post will appear..? (=as it is on standard or gallery post)

2) Another thing that would really help us is the option to click on the post box whereas a page with another posts will open.. (not a particular post)

3) Our facebook like button doesn´t show.. what are we doing wrong? it seems the pixels are 300×0.. maybe that´s the problem.. but we don´t know where to change it.. can you help us? Will you tell us what to do or should I send you our login data?

4) It seems the mouse scrolling has some effect which is making the scrolling slower than usual.. Is it possible to remove this „slow motion“ effect? =When I start scrolling, the page starts scrolling a little later and when I stop scrolling it stops a bit later..

5) I changed some of the posts colors.. but the change didn’t appear in my administration wordpress page:
Is there a way that I can see the actual colors here too?
And.. is there a way that I can have more colors than 8? (If yes, how please..)

6) When I click on my company’s logo, the homepage opens. If I want it to open another page than homepage, what should I do? (= I don’t want people to see everything at once when they come to my site, only some posts that I choose)

Thank you very much and I wish you a very happy new year! 🙂

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