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1. great, it works! I am very happy. Could you please tell me the easiest way to backup everything? I dont know how to use phpAdmin nor MySQL.. is it enought just to copy all the files from my ftp server and if something goes wrong, erase the wrong files and paste back the good ones?
2. maybe.. is it possible to link the title to another list page for example? (i.e. by clicking on the title, another list page would open)
3. i replaced the single.gallery files and nothing changed. we are still not able to see the facebook button. can you see it? and on another note.. the buttons are not in one row. I think we can fix it, so thats ok, but first we need the facebook button. http://draft1.skyform.eu/animation/ or http://draft2.skyform.eu/en/test-post/
4. yes, the scroll speed is great and it is without the nicescroll component indeed, i was just curious if it is possible to even increase the speed (=higher than normal)
5. we downloaded it again and we don’t see functions-abc.php.. can you send it to us, pretty please?
6. great, thanks.
7. i found the bullets after all, thanks.
8. we are using wordpress, not html5.. can you tell me how to edit the lightbox plugin you are using so the caption would show in the popup window?
9. I installed qTranslate plugin for English and Slovak language (as you said you tried it with the theme) and everything works great (well, after some adjustments and after installing qTranslate slug as well) except some words and phrases don’t translate such as “leave a reply”, “recent comments” posted by admin” etc.. http://draft2.skyform.eu/test-post/ Do you know what I should do and where can I correct it? Or should I rather ask qTranslate plugin developer?
10. Is it possible to put a video into a background slider? = to have a video as a background? If yes.. how please?

Thank you so much for all your help, really!!