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1. please using attached file replace you original file mod-video.php, rember backup it first.
for static page embed videos, please paste videos frame code in page editor with text mode.
2. its difficult to do this in this theme, need deeply customize this theme with components to show list in list.
3. this issue will reply you later.
4. from my end, I have test the scroll speed with and without nicescroll component, all is ok. the scrool speed is normal. please check you browser or mechine performance?
5. these file should be there. if not please login to themeforest.net and download it again.
6. to change the logo link: first, create a page that include you prefer posts. second, add below code to file js/main.js at bottom before ‘})’, the url change to page url you created :

var url='http://google.com';

7. please tell me where the list you want to show disc style, and I will check the style and give you the css code later.
8. the lightbox plugin let you add caption(title) to a popup window rather than a image name, please check here example ‘HTML 5 COMPATIBILITY’: http://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-lightbox-evolution/full_screen_preview/115655