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Hi, thanks a lot!!

1) It will be great, thanks! We will use it, for sure.. Looking forward to the code.
And one subquestion – is it possible to put the video (one or even more than one) on a static page, too?

2) When I click on the post on the list page, I would like another list page with posts to open (not a static page consisting of that particular post)

3) And do you see the button itself? We see only twitter and g+ and only a blank space for a facebook button.. can you write me a how to make the facebook button show?

4) Thanks, this helpes!! Hurray 🙂 Is it even possible to increase the scrollspeed, though? If yes, where and how please?

5) We don’t seem to find this file.. 🙁 .. functions-abc.php in admin/functions.. can you send it to us please?

6) Not sure if you understand what I meant.. I want people to click on the logo and see a particular page (which would not be in the homepage with all the posts that I ever created) = it would be kind of edited homepage (a homepage on which there will be only some posts, not all of them)


7) bullets doesnt show on the bullets lists even after doing this:
“add below css to style.css file for show up list bullets at front end: .entry ul li{list-style:disc}”

8) And one last question – is it possible to see the name of the image in lightbox?

Thanks a lot for your great support!!

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