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What I would like to do: portfolio miniature (cover artwork) is either not clickable OR redirects to the portfolio directly, because now when you click it, it just shows all album covers and it’s not professional.

Did you mean don’t want the image clickable: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ryewq172jcgfpwd/QQ20160811-1.jpg?dl=0
Please login wp-admin, go to Theone / General Settings / Custom Css
Paste the style code to Custom Css:
.iterlock-item-img .ux-hover-wrap {pointer-events: none;}

And the other thing is that the first photo is not cropped (album cover in infographics is shown whole) and the other ones are cropped, no matter which size I use (I tried same as the first one and smaller sizes)

When you use list layout(multi images per row) in gallery post template, the image would be cropped. If you don’t want the cropped, you have to set one image per row, or use slider like: http://seedofcolor.com/infographics/

As for the background slider (the header of a site), it works responsive when it’s on phone and tablet, but it doesn’t work correctly when it’s 15 or 13 inches – it doesn’t center correctly. Instead, it goes to the side.

I did’t find the issue on 13 inches computer, this is the screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q758dpyxffgypv4/QQ20160811-0.jpg?dl=0

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